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Guide to the FRCA Examination: The Primary
Fourth Edition, December 2013

This is an essential study guide in preparing for the Primary FRCA examination.  The MCQs given are drawn from the College question bank.  A copy of the Primary FRCA Guide can be obtained by completing and posting the order form which can be downloaded here.

The Primary Master Course
Taking place twice a year at the RCoA, this four-day course is intended for those studying for the Primary FRCA exam. The guide book above can be purchased for a discounted price of just £10, when booked in conjunction with the course. Click here for further information.

The Primary FRCA examination videos – The MCQ
The Primary FRCA video series has been designed to guide an examination candidate through the Primary exam. The MCQ run through video illustrates what a candidate can expect when attending a typical MCQ examination. We hope that candidates attending the Primary MCQ examination will find the video a useful addition to their exam preparations. Further information on the Primary run through series is available via the College's YouTube Channel.


The Primary FRCA examination ‘Run through’ videos
The Primary ‘Run through’ video series is designed to guide an examinations candidate through the Primary exam day, such as: arriving at the exam centre or the College, checking in at reception, exam briefings, call routines and exam formats, all run through videos also cover the procedure for the receiving of results.  

There are four run through modules: The MCQ run through, plus the Primary introduction, the SOE and the OSCE run throughs. We hope that candidates attending the Primary examinations for the first time will find them useful in gaining an understanding of the structure of a standard exam day and that all candidates will find them a useful aide-memoire as to the routines used during an average Primary exam.  More videos are available via the College's YouTube Channel.

Please note:
The video series is intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the Primary exams. A mixture of real exam candidates and actors, have been used in the making of these videos and the correct dress code has not been observed throughout the modules (exam dress code is set out at Appendix 5 of the examinations Regulations). Changes made to exam processes after May 2014 will not be covered in the run through videos.


RCoA 3D virtual exam tours

A new 3D virtual tour of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ building is live and available to view online. The latest in our series of interactive resources for examination candidates, the 3D tours provide a virtual version of Churchill House in Holborn, which our members can experience via their computer, mobile device or virtual reality headset. 

For many fellows and members, their first experience of visiting their College building is to attend examinations. Through this new resource, members can familiarise themselves with the building and better prepare for upcoming exams. 

One of the 3D models shows the Primary FRCA OSCE Examination floor. Within this model, virtual labels detail interesting aspects of the exam environment. There are also other videos demonstrating examples of different exam scenarios. The intention is to replicate the exam environment as accurately as possible, so candidates visiting their College know what to expect and are provided the best opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in the exam.

Another model shows the College building from the lower ground floor to the second floor. This is not only useful for exam candidates, but also for people visiting the building for meetings or thinking about holding their own event here. Links to each 3D tour are shown below as well as a short ‘how to’ video.

Resources available to candidates preparing for the MCQ
Resources available to candidates preparing for the OSCE
Resources available to candidates preparing for the SOE