Patient and Colleague Feedback

Feedback from patients and colleagues can provide doctors with information about their work through the eyes of those they treat and work with. It provides the opportunity for patients, non-medical co-workers and medical colleagues to comment on the professional skills and behaviour of a doctor, and in turn allows the doctor to reflect on this information for his or her professional development.

This is one of the supporting information requirements for revalidation and at least one colleague and one patient feedback exercise should be undertaken in each five year revalidation cycle. The results from both should be included in a doctor's revalidation portfolio and discussed at appraisal.

The College has developed, piloted and validated a questionnaire tailored specifically for the interaction between patients and their anaesthetist in the surgical setting which has been approved by the GMC. We have also developed guidance on Patient and Colleague Feedback and have included several case studies and examples of good practice.

The GMC website features some case studies including one for doctors who work in anaesthetics, to show how doctors and organisations have overcome the challenges they faced in collecting patient feedback.

To assist doctors with collecting patient feedback, we have included an example letter here which has been sent to patients with a reply-paid envelope to get responses. Also included here is a leaflet which has been produced by a collaboration including the Medical Royal Colleges to give an overview of revalidation and to explain why patient feedback is sought.

For collecting colleague feedback, the GMC website includes an example questionnaire and guidance on how to implement and administer it. This can also be accessed via the right hand side of this page.