Revalidation and CPD

Revalidation is the process where all licensed doctors have to demonstrate to the GMC that they are up-to-date and fit to practise.  The College believes that revalidation should be a formative experience and one that supports continuing professional development (CPD).


The College has developed a wide range of resources to help and support individual doctors, appraisers and Responsible Officers.




Revalidation and CPD News

04 Feb 2019
The quality assurance report for the CPD approval...
01 Dec 2018
In March 2018 the GMC published updated guidance...
14 Nov 2018
A key part of the revalidation guidance series,...
14 Nov 2018
The College has published updated guidance on CPD...

Guidance on appraisal, case mix, personal audits, patient feedback and the other components of revalidation.
RCoA Guidance on Continuing Professional Development
Access to the online system to create a personal development plan and record your CPD
The College has a well-established process for the CPD approval of courses and events.
Guidance for doctors returning to practice after a period of absence, working abroad, less than full-time, etc.
Guidance on obtaining feedback
Contact the Revalidation and CPD Helpdesk for further information and advice.
Archive of all College publications and presentations relating to revalidation and CPD