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CPD functionality in the Lifelong Learning platform

We are delighted to announce that CPD functionality has now been launched into the Lifelong Learning platform. By combining CPD with the anaesthetists in training e-Portfolio and clinical logbook there is now a seamless offering, supporting members throughout their careers and helping meet their needs for revalidation.
Building on the success of the former CPD Online Diary, a number of new enhancements in the Lifelong Learning platform include the following:
  • real-time reflections can be added during attendance at a CPD-accredited event instead of only at the event conclusion
  • events and activities can be mapped against the Good Medical Practice Domains and the Standards for Medical Educators
  • the CPD activity report is fully customisable


Guidance in getting started with the Lifelong Learning platform


Key information and FAQ responses

The following information will serve as a useful reference point.
How have you been raising awareness about moving CPD functionality into the Lifelong Learning platform?
We first started raising awareness about this work by producing "what you need to know" leaflets in January 2019. This work has been publicised by the College media (website, Bulletin, Twitter and President's News) and via 'Alerts' in the CPD Online Diary. The CPD Learner accounts were created during late October/early November on a School-by-School basis with notifications added in this way in their Lifelong Learning platform accounts. 
How will CPD Learners get added into the Lifelong Learning platform?
CPD access (via the "Learning tab") is now available in the Lifelong Learning platform for all previous users of the CPD Online Diary. Anaesthetist in Training users of the Lifelong Learning platform will be notified when they become eligible to use the CPD features. If your account does not feature CPD access and you feel that it should, please contact cpd@rcoa.ac.uk.
What is happening with the CPD Online Diary?
The CPD Online Diary will remain available for use until the end of August 2020 and it can continue to be accessed via https://www.cpd.rcoa.ac.uk/login. However we encourage all users to move over to the Lifelong Learning platform as soon as possible to benefit from the improved functionality and future CPD-accredited events will from now on only appear in the Lifelong Learning platform.
How does the Lifelong Learning platform link with the CPD-accredited events feature?
A very popular feature of the CPD Online Diary has been the ability to be able to search for and add events which have been through the CPD accreditation process. Event providers will continue to be able to make an online application for CPD accreditation with accredited events being searchable in the Lifelong Learning Platform. For CPD Learners this means that most of the event information is already pre-populated (e.g. the aims and learning outcomes) and it is only necessary to add reflection in order for the event to appear in the CPD activity report.
Will the information which I have added into the CPD Online Diary get transferred automatically into the Lifelong Learning platform?
No, as has been the case for the anaesthetists in training e-Portfolio, historic user records from the CPD Online Diary will not get migrated into the Lifelong Learning platform nor will the details of previously CPD-accredited events (prior to September 2019). However, as mentioned above, the CPD Online Diary will remain available until the end of August 2020 to assist users in downloading their documents which in many cases should be just the CPD activity report which will have been used as the appraisal evidence for revalidation.
Will my appraiser have read-only access to my CPD records in the Lifelong Learning platform?
This functionality is not currently available but CPD Learners can generate a PDF of their CPD activity report for presentation at their appraisal. In the limited number of cases where users of the Lifelong Learning platform choose to have both a Learner and a CPD Learner role, their CPD activities will be visible in the "Recent Activity" box to regional administrators and supervisors associated with their Deanery. This is expected behaviour and it is connected with the Learner role.
Is there an app version available?
The Lifelong Learning platform has been designed to be responsive to mobile devices, meaning that it will adjust to fit to the device screen in the same way as how an app works. To benefit from this you will need to save it as a shortcut to your device home screen and this will then enable you to access it from here and to have the same functionality as an app.
What is happening with the CPD Matrix?
Based on member feedback over an extensive period of time, the CPD Matrix has been discontinued and does not appear in the Lifelong Learning platform. Instead this presents a much better and more flexible way for CPD Learners to structure and plan their activities and this was explained further in the July 2019 edition of the College Bulletin.


Summary information and You Tube instructional videos

All CPD Learners in the Lifelong Learning platform are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the following resources:


Providing feedback

We hope that you will enjoy using this new CPD functionality in the Lifelong Learning platform and for any further information, or if you have any feedback, please contact cpd@rcoa.ac.uk.