Revalidation Committee and CPD Board


The revalidation and CPD work at the College is overseen by the Revalidation Committee, and by the CPD Board.


Revalidation Committee

The Revalidation Committee is accountable to Council of the College and has responsibility for the development and implementation of processes, procedures, tools and guidance. The Committee works collaboratively with national bodies and organisations to develop common approaches in revalidation.
The Committee has the following Terms of Reference:
  • Review and set appropriate specialty-based professional standards against which doctors in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine will be appraised and revalidated.
  • Update and issue specialty guidance on revalidation issues and processes, including appraisal, the supporting information requirements, continuing professional development (CPD) and remediation.
  • Establish, train and support a network of specialty advisors to provide specialty advice on revalidation issues to doctors, appraisers and/or Responsible Officers.
  • Develop and make available tools and resources to help individual doctors in their revalidation.
  • Work with other RCoA, FICM and FPM departments, committees, boards and working groups to prioritise issues important to revalidation, in particular those areas relating to outcome measures, clinical audit, CPD, remediation and good practice in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine.
  • Review national and specialty developments in CPD, how they link with revalidation and update guidance when necessary.
  • Continue with the work on all areas of multisource feedback.
  • Participate in the development of national policies relating to revalidation through committees and working parties, and respond to consultation documents issued by the Academy, GMC, Departments of Health, NHS Revalidation Support Team and other stakeholder bodies.
  • Quality assure internal RCoA, FICM and FPM processes relating to revalidation, including the provision of advice to doctors, appraisers and Responsible Officers; and contribute to national and regional quality assurance models and processes being developed by regulatory and representative bodies.
  • Highlight to Fellows and Members new developments and issues in revalidation through outreach visits, presentations at events and regular contributions to RCoA, FICM and FPM publications, websites and other communications media.


CPD Board

The CPD Board has responsibility for the quality assurance of CPD approval across the specialty, and also for the review and revision of the CPD Matrix.
The CPD Board has the following Terms of Reference:
  • To agree and implement appropriate mechanisms for the quality assurance of CPD approved under the RCoA’s CPD scheme.
  • To ensure consistency of practice in the approval of CPD through an annual review of the register of approved CPD and by sampling applications for CPD approval and subsequent decisions.
  • To monitor the appointment and performance of the CPD assessors on an annual basis.
  • To review the RCoA’s CPD Matrix and be responsible for future revisions.
  • To ensure that the suggested list of level 3 CPD for the special interest areas is maintained and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • To provide a shared forum for matters relating to Continuing Professional Development and report back to respective Councils and Board on any new developments.
  • To produce an annual report.


Further information

For further information about the Revalidation Committee or CPD Board, please contact the Committee Secretary, Chris Kennedy, at, Tel: 020 7092 1729.