A large multidisciplinary team were instrumental in drafting and editing the content for these pages. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from content authors to peer reviewers, your time and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks must go to:

  • Dr Kathy Wilkinson (Chair and Lead for Child Safeguarding), Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, Norwich
  • Ms Janice Barber, Senior Partner, Hempsons
  • Ms Natalie Bell (SafeguardingPlus Project Manager), Business Co-ordinator, Clinical Quality and Research Directorate, RCoA
  • Dr Liam Brennan, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, Cambridge
  • Dr Alistair Cranston, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, Birmingham
  • Dr Chris Danbury, Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine, Reading
  • Ms Sharon Drake, Director of Clinical Quality and Research, RCoA
  • Dr Lisa Gemmell, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Paisley
  • Dr Hilary Glaisyer, Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, London
  • Dr Deborah Hodes, Consultant Paediatrician, London
  • Mrs Mandie Kelly, Website & Publications Officer, RCoA
  • Dr Jacqueline McCarthy, West of Scotland Training Scheme, Paisley
  • Dr Paul McConnell (Lead for Adult Safeguarding and Adult Consent and Ethics), Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Paisley
  • Dr Jillian McFadzean, Consultant Paediatric Intensivist, Edinburgh
  • Dr Andrew McLeod, Consultant Anaesthetist, London
  • Dr Alison Mott, Consultant Paediatrician, Cardiff
  • Ms Sara Payne, Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists, Lay Reviewer
  • Dr Kerry Robinson, Consultant Paediatrician, London
  • Dr Jane Simpson, Consultant Paediatrician, London
  • Dr Sarah Steele, Consultant Paediatrician, Norwich
  • Dr Hugo Wellesley (Lead for Child Consent and Ethics), Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist, London
  • Mr Robert Wheeler, Consultant Neonatal & Paediatric Surgeon, Southampton

We would also wish to acknowledge that most of the references and links used in these pages originate elsewhere. We have endeavoured to include all relevant attributions and sought appropriate permissions wherever possible.



September 2017