New Regional Safety Lead Role

The Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG) are developing a Regional Safety Lead network to help drive forward patient safety initiatives within anaesthesia.

Formalisation of this role aims to emphasise the importance of safety in anaesthesia practice and the important leadership role the anaesthetic department can take in patient safety across the hospital. These leads will help to share and spread best practice, reduce duplication and support college members undertaking patient safety work.

We are inviting applications for these roles, aiming for one representative from each school of anaesthesia.

Further detail about the roles and likely functions are outlined in the job description.

Those wishing to apply should submit a 200 word supporting letter (to include an affirmation of support from your Clinical Director) and a CV. If there are several nominations from a single region, a panel from the SALG will review the submissions, based on the criteria outlined in the job description. Applications should be submitted to by Monday 30th November 2020.