Submitting an Article

Please note the following prior to submitting an article for publication in the Bulletin:

  • Articles should be emailed in MS Word to
  • Titles of articles should be no more than six words.
  • The author’s full name, position/grade and hospital must be included.
  • Please supply a contact address, telephone number and email address for the proof.
  • A professional colour headshot of each author must be submitted with the article.  However, if there are three or more authors, only the main author's image will be included because of space limitations.
  • Articles should be no more than 800 words. This INCLUDES any references, further reading, tables, figures or graphs. All articles must include at least one high resolution photograph to illustrate the article.
  • All images, including author photos, must be submitted in JPG format and be at least 270dpi in resolution (this means the file size should be around 2–3MB). Graphics and/or illustrations should be submitted in PDF, EPS or AI format. We are unable to accept images, graphics or illustrations embedded within a Word file as the quality is just too poor. Please do not submit files in PNG format.
  • Tables should consist of simple text with no complex formatting and preferably with no more than seven columns.  Each table, figure or graph must have a title. It would be preferable to submit the original Excel file for charts and graphs so that they can be formatted to fit with the Bulletin style.
  • Please declare any conflict of interest when you submit the article.
  • Copy deadlines for each issue can be found below. Note that issues are planned well in advance and often (but not always) follow a particular theme. You should therefore be aware, that even though an article is submitted by the deadline, it will not necessarily be considered for that corresponding issue.
  • Please spell out all abbreviations and/or acronyms within the text.
  • The author should be listed first in any references, and journal titles should be abbreviated.
  • Formatted proofs will be sent to the author by email.  If you have any amendments to make at this stage, please highlight these as tracked changes in your original word document and return it within five days.
  • All contributions will receive an acknowledgement. It is our aim to confirm whether an article has been accepted for publication within four to five weeks of its submission following review of the article by the Editor and Editorial Board.
  • The Editor reserves the right to edit articles for reasons of space or clarity and all Bulletin issues will be sent to a professional proofreader prior to publication.
  • Each issue of the Bulletin will be available to download from this website after the Fellowship have received their copies in the post.


  1. Submissions are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they have been submitted exclusively to the Bulletin of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, who assume the copyright, patents, designs and trademarks concerning all material accepted.
  2. Submissions must not have been published previously in print and/or electronic media, either in whole or in part, neither may they be under consideration for publication elsewhere in print and/or electronic media.
  3. Submissions published, accepted, or submitted for publication may not be published elsewhere without the express permission of the Royal College of Anaesthetists.
  4. The author(s) confirm that if a patient or any other individual(s) can be identified in the article either in the text or by digital medium, then the written consent of such individual(s) is obtained and presented with the article.
  5. The author(s) confirm they have obtained written permission for the use of any copyrighted material.
Issue Copy deadline Despatch date Delivery (approx)
January 18 October 2 January 9 January
March 6 December 25 February 3 March
May 11 February 24 April 1 May
July 14 April 24 June 1 July
September 15 June 25 August 1 September
November 12 August 22 October 29 October