The Final - Written exam

SAQ Reports and Papers
The Guide to the Final FRCA gives two complete papers with answers and marking guides. Shortly after each Final Written examination the Chairman of the SAQ Core Group releases the exam paper and submits a short report which is essential reading for those studying for the Final Written exam.  Click here for reports and papers.

Final MCQ - Example Questions
The Guide to the Final FRCA currently holds 180 MTF examples and 30 SBA examples.  The Examination pages give 12 examples of SBA questions which can be found here.  A further four more example SBAs which were added in June 2017 are also available below (related downloads). Examples of MTF questions, also added in June 2017, can be found below (related downloads).

Final SAQ - Example Questions
The Guide to the Final FRCA currently holds 12 example questions and answer sheets. There are also a further 6 examples available on the related downloads on the Final Written page of the website.

The Final FRCA Written examination video
This video is designed to guide an examination candidate through the Final Written exam day, it covers points such as structure of the examination and exam conduct. We hope that candidates attending the Final Written examination for the first time will find this video useful in gaining an understanding of the structure of a standard exam day and that all candidates will find it a useful aide-memoire as to the routines used during an average Final Written exam. More videos are available via the College's YouTube Channel.

Please note:
The video is intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the exam. A mixture of real exam candidates and actors, have been used in the making of these videos. Changes made to exam processes after July 2015 will not be covered in the run through videos.

Please see the College's YouTube Channel.