The Guide to the Primary FRCA (fourth edition) currently holds 60 MTF examples and 30 SBA examples.

Through the website and the Primary guide there are 60 MTF and 57 SBA questions. Further examples will be provided as the examiners build a sufficient reserve of questions into the question banks.  It is hoped that the release of the new Primary FRCA Guide (Fourth edition) at the end of 2013 will provide a further set of SBA examples.

Publication of specimen SBA questions
The introduction of SBA questions into the MCQ examination was a huge undertaking, requiring many examiner hours of work. Anyone who has written SBA questions as examination preparation material will be aware how very much more difficult and time consuming it is to write SBA questions compared with writing MTF questions. The Primary FRCA SBA question bank has therefore taken some time to become populated and is still a work in progress. It has therefore only been possible to release a limited number of SBA questions to date. 

Currently the Examinations pages give two sets of examples of SBA questions:

The first examples posted on the website were provided at the launch of SBAs becoming part of the format of the Primary MCQ in September 2011. There are 12 questions in this first set, which can be found here

In July 2012 Dr Anthony McCluskey, Chair of the Primary MCQ, released a further 15 questions along with a document that reviewed candidate performance over the first year following the introduction of SBAs and the impact of these questions on the overall pass rate. Dr McCluskey’s document on the impact of SBAs can be found here.  The 15 example SBA questions can be found here.

A further 30 Single Best Answers (SBA) questions are available in the Primary Guide, the 4th Edition which was published in December 2013.

The example questions available through the RCoA whilst extremely helpful as part of a candidate’s exam studies are merely a brief insight into the types of questions that may be asked at a Primary MCQ examination. The exams module of the e-LA is also an invaluable resource in the understanding and practice of MCQ questions and all candidates who work in the NHS should access the exams module and work through the content available.  It is extremely important to remember that all FRCA Primary questions are mapped to the Basic Level Curriculum and therefore candidates should have a thorough knowledge of the curriculum before they embark on the Primary FRCA MCQ examination.

The Primary FRCA examination videos – The MCQ
The Primary FRCA video series has been designed to guide an examination candidate through the Primary exam. The MCQ run through, illustrates what a candidate can expect when attending a typical MCQ examination, including examination conditions and conduct, the exam briefing, the exam structure including a basic overview of the various question types used in the MCQ and how to fill out the answer sheet. This video also gives details on how exam results are published. We hope that candidates attending the Primary MCQ examination will find the MCQ video a useful addition to their exam preparations. There are also video modules that illustrate the Primary SOE and OSCE examinations, these can be found on the Primary Resources page and more videos are available via the College's YouTube Channel.

Please note:
This video series is intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the Primary exams. A mixture of real exam candidates and actors, have been used in the making of these videos and the correct dress code has not been observed throughout the modules (exam dress code is set out at Appendix 5 of the examinations Regulations). Changes made to exam processes after May 2014 will not be covered in the run through videos.