The Guide to the Primary provides examples of OSCE questions.  Over the next 12 months it is also hoped to develop some interactive questions which will be posted on this resource page. 

The OSCE tests applied knowledge and skills in a variety of clinical areas, with the style of the station varying according to the topic being examined.  All of the questions cover subjects from the Basic Level Training curriculum, and are regularly updated to reflect current practice.

There are 16 active stations plus two trial stations which is included to gauge the appropriateness of their standard before being introduced fully, the trial station is not identified to candidates or examiners and therefore regarded as active.

The diagram below will give you a clear understanding to the layout of an OSCE circuit (click the image to see a bigger view).

We are pleased to advise that the College has recently completed a series of video examples designed to assist trainees in their preparation for the OSCE (see spotlight videos below), which we hope will become valuable for both trainees and trainers as they work together to achieve exam success.

The Primary FRCA examination ‘Run through’ videos – The OSCE
The Primary ‘Run through’ video series have been designed to guide an examinations candidate through the Primary exam. There are three modules: The introduction, The SOE and The OSCE, all of which can be found on the Primary Resources page. The OSCE run through, available below, looks at the call routines, exam briefing, the exam process and structure as well as providing a basic overview of the various question formats used in OSCE stations. This video also gives details on how exam results are published. We hope that candidates attending the Primary OSCE examination will find the OSCE run through a useful addition to their exam preparations. More videos are available via the College's YouTube Channel.

Please note:
The ‘run through’ videos series is intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the Primary exams. A mixture of real exam candidates and actors, have been used in the making of these videos and the correct dress code has not be observed throughout the modules (exam dress code is set out at Appendix 5 of the examinations Regulations). Changes made to exam processes after May 2014 will not be covered in the run through videos.

The College is pleased to present a new series of OSCE ‘spotlight’ videos.  There are seven videos in this spotlight series:  History, Communication, Physical examination, Technical Skills, Interactive Resuscitation, Equipment check and a demonstration of a station that uses a touch screen computer, 'the unmanned station'.   Each video provides advice on what a candidate should expect to find when they enter the station.  The video then moves on to demonstrate satisfactory and non-satisfactory performance of a particular scenario and concludes with a reminder of the standard rules.  If this is your first attempt at the OSCE you are also advised to watch the OSCE run through video.

Please note that the OSCE videos are not designed to cover all topics or scenarios that a candidate may encounter during an OSCE examination and the style of an OSCE station can vary according to the topic being examined.  Therefore whilst these videos demonstrate good practice for certain situations, they are snippets of a typical OSCE question and do not cover a complete scenario.

Please see the College's YouTube Channel.