The Structured Oral Examination consists of two parts, SOE1 (Pharmacology and Physiology) and SOE 2 (Clinical and Physics/Measurement). Example questions of all four sections of the Primary SOE can be found in The Guide to the Primary FRCA.  The College has also added to the SOE resources it provides with a series of video snippets (see below).

SOE videos
Welcome to the first in a series of videos designed to assist trainees in their preparation for the Primary oral exam. The oral section of the exam requires certain skills to be developed and an understanding of what examiners are looking for will help you appreciate what areas to work on. More videos are available via the College's YouTube Channel.

These first six videos concentrate on the SOE. Each video consists of a short section from a question and is designed to highlight how an examiner might assess a candidate’s response.  They should not be taken as model answers. They are designed to illustrate different aspects of performance rather than provide exact answers, so it is more the nature of the performance that you should concentrate on rather than the actual answers themselves.

It can't be stressed enough that preparation and practice is key to success in the oral exam. Clearly a sound knowledge of the curriculum is required. However, an inability to present this to the examiner will waste all that effort.  As I say, good SOE performance requires certain skills to be practised and it is important that you start this practice as early as possible.

Over the coming months we plan to add to these videos with examples of a general run through of the Primary exam to improve a candidate’s familiarity with the College and the exam process generally, plus in summer 2014, we will add a series of videos that give examples of OSCE questions to our resource section.

I hope you find them useful.

Mike Wilkinson
Chairman, RCoA Primary Exam

The Primary FRCA examination ‘Run through’ videos – The SOE

The Primary ‘Run through’ video series have been designed to guide an examinations candidate through the Primary exam. There are three modules: The introduction, The SOE and The OSCE, all of which can be found on the Primary Resources page. The SOE run through, available below, looks at the call routines, exam briefing, the exam process and structure as well as providing details on how exam results are published. We hope that candidates attending the Primary SOE examinations will find the SOE run through a useful addition to their exam preparations.

Please note:
The ‘run through’ videos series are intended to give an example of the usual processes used and may not be truly reflective of every candidate’s experience at the Primary exams. A mixture of real exam candidates and actors, have been used in the making of these videos and the correct dress code has not be observed throughout the modules (exam dress code is set out at Appendix 5 of the examinations Regulations). Changes made to exam processes after May 2014 will not be covered in the run through videos.

Please see the College's YouTube Channel.