The Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG) are developing a Regional Safety Lead network to help drive forward patient safety initiatives within anaesthesia.

Formalisation of this role aims to emphasise the importance of safety in anaesthesia practice and the important leadership role the anaesthetic department can take in patient safety across the hospital. These leads will help to share and spread best practice, reduce duplication and support college members undertaking patient safety work.

If you are interested in joining this network, please submit a 200 word expression of interest, addressing the job description for the role, affirmation of support from your Clinical Director, and a CV to [email protected]

Regional leads are listed below:

East Midlands  Dr Marc Chikhani
Dr Anjum Ahmed-Nusrath
East of England Dr Vishal Patil
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Dr Andrew Al-Rais
Dr Samantha Black
Imperial Dr Queenie Lo
Dr Nick Owen
Dr Mark Catolico
North Central London

Dr Daniel Farrar

Dr Premala Nadarajah

Barts & The London

Dr Annie Hunningher

Dr Haresh Mulchandani

St. George's Dr Jens Bolten
South East (London) Dr Katy Nicholson
Mersey Dr Chris Goddard
Birmingham Dr Khalid Hasan
Dr Phillip Lo
Warwickshire Dr Umair Ansari
Dr Chandra Vaidyanath
Stoke Dr Subash Sivasubramaniam
Dr Balaji Velayudam
North West Dr Olga Passmore-Szilagyi
Northern Dr Joanne Clements
Northern Ireland Dr Mukesh Chugh
Oxford Dr Khurram Ayub
Dr Helen Higham
East of Scotland Dr Lynsey Foulds
North of Scotland Dr Manisha Kumar
South East Scotland Dr Rachel Hignett
West of Scotland Dr Rose McRobert
Severn Dr Sarah Muddle
Peninsula Dr Matt Hill
Wales Dr Richard Hughes
Wessex Dr Helen Bromhead
Dr Philippa Fabb
Dr Deepa Kallayiram
East & North Yorkshire Dr Sarah Raut
South Yorkshire Dr Claire Biercamp
West Yorkshire VACANT